Help us Make Randum's Birthday a special day!

Donate anything, even just a cup of coffee will help!

Our main objective is to get randum a brand new drawing tablet. i have given her a huion drawing tablet about a year and a half ago, but it has been getting old, and as that i was thinking to get her one with a screen.

Bit of backstory


Randum's mother has passed away about a year ago, and thanks to the drawing tablet that i have given her she has been doing better. but unfortunately she has been having only delusions ever since. she did get an adorable dog, but even that dog has been getting sick a number of times. so i was thinking that it would have been a great thing for us to gift her a new drawing tablet!

 it would be great to also provide her with other kind of support

Randum's awesome art!

Randum's doggo

Ronja, Randum's dog is a huge ball of floof, they got her to help randum through the hardest time, but she has gotten a bit sick, it's not serious, but any extra spares that we could collect will go to help her medicine and also some sweet special food for her that she absolutely loves!

Randum's room

Randum's room is definitely not the best room, and considering her situation i wanted to help her a bit restoring it a bit, since she, and in some time me too will live in there for a while. our main objective would be to just redo the most worrying things, like heating issues and the window shich lets the cold air in most of the time. but also, look at this horrifying wallpaper setup, definitely would love to fix the wallpaper. also there's a serious health issue with all the exposed cables, i have fixed a couple but money has been quite an issue, so if you're not considering the birthday part, please do at least help us get a better living situation.

If you don't want to donate, or just was curious about our plan, thanks for reading! it would be great if you don't have anything to donate to us, or if you just don't feel like giving out some cents, it would be absolutely great if you could share this page to anyone you know could help us ain any way possible!